Clear Huawei P10 TPU Case WrapGuard Series
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Clear Huawei P10 TPU Case WrapGuard Series


  • Full Body Front & Back Protection – Finally, a two piece case that covers your entire phone. Protect your screen from scratches and keep the rest of your phone guarded against accidental drops and impacts.
  • Crystal Clear – A clear case that shows off the natural look and design of the phone. Semi-Transparent (Clear with Micro-Dot Tech.)
  • Minimalist Skinny Design – Made to be extra slim fitting and incredibly lightweight for easy handling, all while staying durable and protective. Minimalist protection and style, down to a “T””.
  • 100% Touch Screen Compatible – Don’t worry about having the TPU front piece cover your touch screen. Not only does this front piece protect your screen from scratches and scrapes; but we’ve designed the WrapGuard to be fully compatible with all touch screens. You won’t experience any loss of sensitivity when pressing or sliding the screen. You’ll barely even notice the case is on!
  • High Quality TPU Material – Molded to be flexible for ease of installation, yet maintain it’s shape even over time to continually stay secure on your phone. Scratch resistant and water repellent.

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The CoverON WrapGuard Series TPU Full Body Case
A slim fit, flexible, see-through phone case that covers the entire phone

  • Full Body Scratch and Drop Protection
    A two-piece case that attaches one piece of molded TPU to the back of your phone. Then another piece of TPU is attached over the front screen and sides of your phone for full front and back case protection.
  • High Quality TPU Material
    The TPU used in our WrapGuard cases is extremely durable. Made to be rip and tear resistant, while maintaining easy-to-install flexibility. Also designed to be very thin and incredibly lightweight, the WrapGuard adds practically no additional bulk on your phone. Perfect for minimalist protection with the advantage of getting your phone in and out of your pockets with ease.
  • See-Through Clear Case
    Phones are being made to look more and more attractive without a case covering it. So keep it simple and modern with a clear WrapGuard case.
  • Scratch and Drop Protection
    Made to withstand accidental impacts and drops from 3 ft. and higher. Covering the entirety of your phone (aside from port and camera cutouts) ensures adequate shockproofing and scratch resistance for everyday travels.
  • Complete Touch Screen Protector
    The front piece covers 100% of the touch screen display area, eliminating the need to purchase any additional screen protectors for as long as you have the WrapGuard case. 100% touch screen sensitivity is maintained even while the cover is on. You’ll barely even notice the case is on!


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