Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Clear Case Protective Slim TPU Rubber Phone Cover
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Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus Clear Case Protective Slim TPU Rubber Phone Cover


  • Made of premium TPU rubber
  • Two layer design features a clear body with colorful bumper inserts
  • Protects the phone against drops and scratches
  • Etched grips on each side of the case
  • Slighty-tacky anti-slip design
  • Extra shock absorbing pads at the corners
  • Ultra lightweight and slim fit form factor
  • Slick, yet subtle honeycomb pattern around the sides
  • Easy to install
  • Flash guard prevents color bleed when taking flash photos
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The Collider Series by CoverON: a slim fit, lightweight, protective, AND stylish clear TPU case made for the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus.

First, let’s talk about the construction of the phone case itself. The case is engineered with dual layers; a clear body piece is accompanied by colorful bumper accents that complement the natural look of the phone. These colorful bumpers also give the Collider Series better impact and shock protection with cushioning at each corner. And because it’s made entirely of soft-feel TPU rubber, it fits snugly around the phone with a slim fit and ultra-lightweight feel.

Now, the grip. Each side of the case features an etched grip area that prevents slippage. Pair that with the slight-tacky feel of the TPU material and you have a perfect grip even when on-the-go.

Finally, the added touches. It’s all in the details they say. So we went the extra step and put a black flash guard around the camera area. This black color limits any “flash bleed” occasionally caused by lighter colors around the camera and provides the perfect picture in flash settings. You will also notice a subtle honeycomb design styling along the sides of the case and a micro-dot texture that limits the appearance of dust and debris… yes we really did think of everything for the Collider Series.

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