CoverON’s Smart Armor Series

The CoverON® Smart Armor series hybrid case is quite the feature-packed phone cover. First and foremost, it’s a hybrid case; meaning that it’s made up of two separate layers that combine into one to offer the best protection possible. The first layer is a flexible rubber TPU inner skin. Get a better grip on your phone and better protection; Molded with shock absorbing corner bumpers and improved grips on the sides. The second layer is made of a durable hard polycarbonate material for added protection. Combine the two for maximum drop and shock resistance. The Smart Armor series also provides simplistic convenience. The slot labeled “card” on the back designates the credit card slot compartment built into the back of the case. Carry a credit card (or your ID card) where you can easily access it at all times. Stop digging into your wallet for your ID every time. Store it right in your phone case! Also, use the card you carry with you to prop your phone up at the perfect hands free angle using the slot labeled “stand”. Perfect for watching videos or reading articles on your phone without actually having to hold it the whole time. Smart function meets rock solid protection; the Smart Armor case by CoverON®

Card Slot

No-slip Grips

Two-layer Protection

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